Artists' Statement: Ring the Changes

In 2006, we replaced the lawn at our Los Angeles home with drought-tolerant plants. As we collected eventually over 200 varieties of cacti and succulents for our new drier landscape, we became fascinated by the forms and colors of the plants and began to photograph them.

Cacti and other succulents, also known as xerophytes, evolved some 50 million years ago when the Cenozoic period produced regionally arid conditions. With their water-filled stems and leaves and deep root systems, xerophytes are uniquely adapted for hot, dry climates. Humans now face rising coastal waters, extreme weather, and drought and must evolve and adapt to this new changing climate.

Diptychs and triptychs link the common name, form, and/or color/pattern of xerophytes found in our garden with man-made objects and things from the natural landscape as a means of visually ordering the evidence, history, causes and effects of global warming. Single images are of melting glaciers and scorching deserts provide context.